Who doesn’t love a good home cooked meal? But when you are time poor, it is just so tempting to throw something together or when budget permits, grab takeaway to fill that hole in your stomach. Well home cooking just got a whole lot easier.

In comes Zega’s intelligent, walk-away cookware. Designed by the team behind the Magic Bullet, Zega Intelligent Cookware features SmartControl technology which takes care of the cooking for you.

Featuring a patented, double wall thermal insulated design and SmartControl technology, the clever cookware heats in minutes and continues to cook safely for hours off the stove. Simply turn on the stove, add your ingredients and when it reaches the required temperature, switch off the stove and walk away. The Zega app will notify you when your meal is ready.

Zega’s Co-Founder and lead designer, Brendan Dunne, said the intelligent cookware has been designed to make busy lives easier.

We know that one of the biggest barriers to creating healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals is a lack of time, so we wanted to design stylish, high-quality cookware that takes care of the cooking for you. Zega’s unique design and SmartControl technology means you can simply pop in the ingredients and walk away – leave the house, pick up the kids from school, whatever you need to do – and come home to a healthy, home cooked meal.

The secret is the double-wall construction that sandwiches a thermodynamic layer of air between two sheets of 18-10 stainless steel. This traps heat and moisture inside the pot like a thermos, so you heat it for just minutes and it cooks for hours, off the stove, with no stirring or tending required. And because it continues to cook without gas or electricity, it saves money, it’s better for the environment, and it’s perfectly safe to leave unattended. Additionally, the delicate, self-cooking process locks in more flavour and nutrients, creating healthier, tastier meals.

Suitable for experienced and aspiring home cooks, Zega Intelligent Cookware is perfect for creating hearty soups, stews, curries and more. Choose from delicious and nutritious recipes on the Zega app or use one of your own family favourites.
Developed in Australia, Zega’s stylish cookware incorporates state of the art technology and is available in both analogue and digital models. Zega also functions as conventional cookware when required and is compatible with all stove types.

The Zega Intelligent Cookware comes in two variants.

The digital lid has a SmartControl knob with a high precision digital thermometer, microprocessor, Bluetooth connectivity and an LED screen. It also has a custom-built operating system providing full integration with the Zega app, so you can remotely monitor your cooking.

Zega Digital

The analogue lid has a knob with a bi-metal thermometer. Once you’ve put the ingredients in the pot, heat it up until the thermometer’s needle reaches the red zone. Then switch off the stove and the self-cooking phase will begin.

Zega Analogue

RRP for the Zega Digital is $299 and Zega Analogue is $249, and there is a sale on at time of publishing that takes a cool $100 off each model. Both models are dishwasher safe and come with 30 days free returns and a lifetime guarantee. Free shipping available for a limited time only. Now available for purchase from www.zega.com.au.