New SoundboksOur world is filled with noises: music, conversation, pleasant noises, unpleasant noises, white noise, pink noise. Noises we can control, noises outside of our control.

Breaking through the noise of the Bluetooth speaker industry, Soundboks launches the New Soundboks Bluetooth Performance Speaker. Unlike any other, it has revolutionary sound quality, can connect with up to five nearby speakers wirelessly and boasts the longest battery life of any portable Bluetooth speaker on the market.

We have finally created the speaker we always wanted,” says Jesper Thiel Thomsen, CEO of Soundboks. “Over the past four years we’ve been integrating community feedback with the vision of the speaker we have always wanted to build; the result is The New Soundboks. We were very focused on creating an unmatched sound experience, wireless connectivity and battery life were critical for that. We are really excited to bring this to our community and lead a new category of Bluetooth performance speakers.

The completely redesigned Soundboks features 126 dB volume, TeamUP wireless connectivity (up to five Soundboks speakers), pro panel inputs, Soundboks app which allows regular updates and new features to get pushed to your speaker, and even a removable steel grill for easy customisation. Extremely portable and easy to use, the Soundboks weighs 34 pounds (15.4 kg) and is the only Bluetooth speaker with a removable battery that can last up to 40 hours on a single charge.

With the redesign, comes the introduction of Soundboks’ “Break through the noise” campaign, focusing the brand on exceeding traditional (performance) limitations and breaking through the barriers that hold us back.

Key Features

  • At 126 dB on full volume, the Soundboks is as loud as an average live concert with amazing, clear, real sound
  • The battery lasts 40 hours at mid-volume and 5 hours at full volume
  • Soundboks is the only Bluetooth speaker with swappable batteries
  • The Soundboks is designed to be extremely durable and is built for the outdoors
  • In TeamUP mode, you can wirelessly daisy chain 5 Soundboks (2019) speakers in seconds using SKAA technology
  • It connects wirelessly with Bluetooth and SKAA, and has wired connection options for XLR, 1/4” and 1/8” signals in the back Pro panel for mics, DJ mixers, instruments and more
  • The Pulse Reflex Port is a uniquely designed port system that provides better bass and imaging without sacrificing durability and splash resistance
  • The eximo® amp switching system allows for huge volume with maximum power efficiency

The Performance Speaker Category

The Soundboks brand is leading a new product category. We call the Soundboks a Bluetooth performance speaker. Combining the portability, ease and user-friendliness of Bluetooth speakers with the raw power of PA systems, the Soundboks delivers on every extreme. It is able to perform to the fullest whenever loud music can elevate an experience, in seconds, without every having to worry about breaking down. That is breaking through the noise of our industry.

The New Soundboks breaks through the limitations of traditional speakers to take your music and your listening experience to their full potential. Supremely wireless and absolutely limitless. Clarity you can hear and bass you can feel. Insanely durable and made to move with you. Not to mention the only Bluetooth speaker with swappable battery that can last 40 hours on a single charge.

Whatever your definition of performance is, The New Soundboks simply cannot be beat. Take it on the slopes, to the beach, on a boat or to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Create an outdoor, wireless, 5-way sound system in seconds. Play your music outside the typical clubs, venues and conventions. Break through the barriers of sound and experience music like never before. This is what a performance speaker sounds like.

Pricing and Availability

The New Soundboks Bluetooth Performance Speaker is RRP $1599.95 and available from and JB Hi-Fi.