We reviewed the tado° Smart AC Control during the last Australian summer and it was an eye opener.

According to Finder, Australians spend around $3.7 billion dollars on air conditioning over the summer period, a number that roughly equates to 6.3 hours per day. A similar narrative was recorded in New Zealand as part of a recent study across 6,700 residential properties, whilst also identifying that residents that had not been using smart technology to heat or cool their homes were actually not just putting their energy bill at risk but also their health.

tado°, the market leader in intelligent home climate management brings more features and a faster installation process for the Smart AC Control to the ANZ market.

With only a few steps, customers can now bring smart controls to their air conditioner or heat pump within less than 5 minutes. The tado° Smart AC Control cools down or heats when it is needed whilst avoiding unnecessary energy usage especially in times of skyrocketing energy prices. It connects air conditioners and heat pumps to the home’s Wi-Fi, replacing the infrared remote control. With this device customers have a year-round solution to control their heating and cooling via the app from anywhere, at any time.

tado° Smart AC Control V3+


Bigger skill set for more than 500 ACs and heat pumps

tado° customers can now look forward to an expanded feature compatibility which means they will be able to use more functionalities than ever with their Smart AC Control such as temperatures in auto, dry or fan mode, different fan levels or multiple swing settings. Users can for example put their AC on silent fan level or choose from vertical and horizontal swing states. The full feature support is available to more than 500 ACs and heat pump brands and covers up to 95% of all features if a new tado° Smart AC Control is installed.


Get cool in less than 5 minutes

A new installation process allows customers to set up their Smart AC Control in less than 5 minutes. The installation steps have been reduced considerably and an improved matching algorithm was introduced to find the AC faster. The tado° app will lead customers through an easy and short installation flow, so users can begin to benefit from energy saving measures and increased control and comfort.

Our Smart AC Control is designed to enhance your comfort at home while saving energy which is especially important in times of massive price increases for energy usage,” says tado° Co-founder & CPO Christian Deilmann. “With the new features we made it easier for households to only cool if it is necessary and lower their energy consumption.

tado° cooling


Space cooling is on the rise and needs to be more efficient

Record-breaking heat waves have become a constant companion during summer and can be strongly connected to climate change. In Australia, heat waves have become responsible for more human deaths than any other natural hazard and have placed increased pressure on energy supplies . Though New Zealand hasn’t faced these harsh realities to such an extent, the summers are getting hotter year on year, recording the hottest year on record in 2021 .

An air conditioner or heat pump with a cooling function helps to keep the room temperature comfortable and reduce the impact that heat has on health, such as dehydration or heat stroke – but there is no denying that they consumer a significant amount of energy.

Energy-efficient technologies like the tado° Smart AC Control ensure that you’re able to monitor energy usage, offering other features to help combat issues associated with temperature and poor air quality.



The tado° Smart AC Control is available from leading retailers in Australia for AUD$179 at JB Hi-Fi, Officework, and Amazon AU. tado° can be purchased for NZD$189 in New Zealand at PB Tech, Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, and Home of Brands. At time of publishing, there are some Black Friday deals on Amazon as well.