The Geek is strong in me, like my brother before me, and my children after me.

May the Fourth is a favourite time for many on our team of Younglings. Myself (call me Obi Wan Kev-nobi) and Darth Ginger, in particular, giggle like children when this day comes around. It’s a day to celebrate the stories that we’ve spent so much time with, that has given us escape and adventure for decades.

And, let’s face it, these days we are spoiled for fun when it comes to Star Wars. More merch (for adults, too, not just children) than you can poke a lightsabre at, and content that has set alight a blaze of new fans with the Prequels and Sequels while also rekindling fond memories with throwbacks with the new shows Mandalorian and Boba Fett, it’s an exciting time to be a fan!

Nanoleaf Star Wars


We’ve recently reviewed some of Nanoleaf’s epically colourful Nanoleaf Lines, and Darth Ginger has been loving them!

Darth Ginger: May the Fourth

May the Fourth be with you! (Warning: Do not use Nanoleaf Lines for lightsabre duels!)


If you’re rocking some Nanoleaf products at home and you’re looking to set the mood to help you celebrate May the Fourth, can we suggest setting some of your light panels to the below themes?

Duel of the Fates: Blue, Red, Green.

The Battle of Hoth: Blue, White.

Dagobah Training: Dark Green, Dark Purple, Dark Yellow.

Forest Moon of Endor: Light Green, Light Blue, White.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Flashes of white and black as you make the jump to hyperspace.

And, hey, depending on what Nanoleaf packs your rocking, perhaps redesign your display to have watch over you, wise old Yoda, you can.

Nanoleaf Yoda


Yes, if you’re jumping back into the films for your 500th rewatch, or starting the live action TV shows or the great animated shows once again, or even just pumping the soundtrack full volume, today is the day to get your Geek on and celebrate our passion for Star Wars, and Nanoleaf can help set the perfect mood accompianiment for you. And if you’re going full gamer mode and jumping back into a bit of Star Wars Squadrons or Battlefront for some multiplayer mayhem, some Jedi: Fallen Order (as Darth Ginger will be doing) by yourself, or some Lego Star Wars with the kids, you can set your Nanoleaf Lines to mirror your screen to get you fully immersed in the experience!


If Star Wars doesn’t get your geek on, then perhaps something more generic Sci-Fi would suit your mood.

Twelve South has teamed up with Tyler Pate to create dual-screen wallpaper inspired by sci-fi neo-noir cityscapes of the future (or from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away). As spaceships fly through the sky, towers soar through the clouds towards the stars and planets above. Architectural and otherworldly, these cityscapes will inspire you to open your mind and leave space to explore the unknown.

Twelve South May the 4th

Launching May the Fourth, with the previous collections also available to download for free at Twelve South.