4K for £4k: Samsung's latest Ultra HDTVs arriving in the UK

If you’re in the mood for more pixels and have the pounds sterling to back it up, there’s good news: you can now grab Samsung’s 55- and 65-inch 4K TVs in the UK. The smaller UE55F9000 model is going for £4,000 and theUE65F9000 will set you back a cool £6,000. While that’s a lot, it’s a far cry from Samsung’s first UHD TV, the 85-inch S9 model that ran a Fortune 500-level $40 grand (about £26,000).On top of the extra resolution, the new models will give you Samsung’s latest goodies like quad-core processing, Micro Dimming LED tech, 3D, built-in WiFi, and an embedded camera. You’ll also get an Evolution Kit that’ll let you upgrade to future UltraHD standards, if and when they come — though at that sum, we hope you won’t be left wanting for a long, long time.

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