A better, yet more cumbersome iOS 7 gamepad: hands-on with the MOGA Ace Power

Two sticks, four face buttons, a pair of shoulder paddles and a d-pad: the formula for a modern gamepad and the layout of MOGA’s Ace Power controller. It’s a pretty standard assortment of inputs, but this controller happens to be the first fully featured peripheral to support Apple’s new iOS 7 gamepad protocols. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to put the pad through its paces.

The MOGA Ace may have the normal assortment of buttons and triggers, but it has one trick most gamepads can’t emulate: it telescopes. Taken out of the box, the Ace is hardly longer than an iPhone 5s, but pulling on either end stretches the peripheral to fit your iDevice. The Gamepad’s left side retains enough tension to hold a device in place on its own, but our iPod had trouble identifying the controller unless we made a point of pushing the controller’s edges inward to secure the connection. Once we had a compatible iOS 7 device locked in place, however, the Ace worked like a dream.

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