A1-DES eBoardIf you want the clarity of a full HD LCD monitor but with touch capabilities and also a display the size of a projected image – we present the A1-DES eBoard. This 70" multimedia LCD touch screen for classroom or meeting rooms, gives you the ability to annotate your PC/ notebook display by finger or pen on a full HD LCD display.


Read on for first impressions, additional images and more information.



A1-DES eBoard

In my opinion – the biggest advantage with this product is the practicality – by not using a projector, the person using the board is able to safely turn around without being blinded. The pixel freak in me however also loves the quality and clarity of an extraordinarily large LCD screen and the 80-odd different sensors picking up the multitouch. However, my wallet may not agree. The product is priced in the 5 figure range – which may be a small price to pay for the productivity gained for large companies but is likely to make it unobtainable for your general user.


According to A1-DES, the Features of this product are as follows:

  • 70inch Touch Screen Google Maps

    USB port to interface PC or notebook

  • LCD can accept writing by hand or by pen
  • Soft write on the screen
    • Anti-noise write technology (supports all MS Windows Fonts)
    • Whisper-tip stylus (256 Colour and fluorescent pen)
    • Right and left hand mouse buttons
    • Drag & drop
    • Keyboard character recognition functions
  • Handwriting on the monitor displayed on the computer screen (video player function)
  • RGB colour (16,777,216 Colour) 16,000,000-pixel, precise touch resolution

Also available in a 65" LCD Touch Screen  (saving yourself about $1000 per inch you’ve sacrified)