Apple TV adds rare regional service with Watchever in Germany

Sometimes minor-sounding events presage bigger things to come (and sometimes not), so Cupertino’s recent addition of a new subscription service app to Apple TV in Germany, Watchever, made our ears perk up. The service — which is still rolling out in the country and may not work on all devices, according to its Facebook page — offers Netflix-like streaming of movies and TV shows in dubbed German or original formats for €9 ($12) per month. More significantly, it marks one of the first times Apple TV has added programming specific to a single region on its streaming service, perhaps marking a new trend we could see elsewhere, too. Apple currently has paid subscription apps like NBA, MLB and WSJ from which it gets a nice cut, so a regional expansion would make financial sense — particularly in countries that don’t know a pop fly from a pop tune.

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Source:Watchever (Facebook), (Twitter)

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