aXbo for SinglesWaking up is hard to do for most people… But for years we’ve told you about a bedroom secret that could be the solution to waking up in the most natural way. We had the scoop on the original aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock. This clever device — and handsome to boot — is one of the most exciting and helpful bedside companions you can have.

There was only one problem… it was made for two people.

Gauging from the response we had on our review and no doubt from aXbo’s own research they’ve now come up with a Singles version!

All the same goodness as before with some enhancements (new look, new sounds) and at a much more economical price..

What’s there not to like?

We here at will try to bring you an in-depth review of this new addition to the aXbo range before too long.

Stay tuned (but don’t lose any sleep over it!)