Axeze BlueAxeze Blue is the world’s first keyless hands-free entry system incorporating both RF tags and Bluetooth devices.


If you’re sick of changing your locks because of lost keys, or trying to juggle the groceries and kids while opening the door then this could make your life easier.


This patent-pending system turns any Bluetooth device into a key, meaning you can simply walk or drive up to the door or gate and it will open.

RF Key FobThe most common device used is a mobile phone, but will also work with headsets, PDAs, car kits and more. Also provided with the unit is 1 x RF key fob (additional units can be ordered through the company) which we have informed works quite nicely sewn into a teenager’s schoolbag, or on lanyards/ office tags/ out of pockets.



This product also has the potential to be integrated into a disability market, where the antennae can be embedded in floors, on walls, etc. with a RF tag or bluetooth device attached to a person or their wheelchair. This then is able to open doors for people when they approach, automatically turn on electrical devices according to who they are and where they are in the house. For those with the intellectual capabilities to understand this concept but lack the motor skills for these day to day tasks – this could prove to change their lives. That, or you could just live like a King and have every door open for you on approach!


This product got us quite excited, and we hope to get our hands on a test unit soon. Stay tuned for a full review in the coming months!