British Gas introduces Hive Active Heating, enables remote thermostat control

Home automation isn’t just the domain of hackers, Kickstarter projects and startups anymore — now utilities companies are getting in on the action, too. British Gas has recently announced Hive Active Control Heating, its platform for automated, scheduled and remote utility control. Opting into the program costs £199 and includes a wireless thermostat with a receiver and hub, all of which can be controlled by a companion app (or an online dashboard).

The system doesn’t have the learning capabilities of the synonymously named Nest, but users can manage temperature on the go, create scheduled heating events by weekday or hour and manage hot water temperate and scheduling independent of thermostat control. Hive is available for pre-order now, though installations won’t begin until late October. In the meantime, the company has offered a preview of the system’s app on the project’s website (source) and has issued a few flowery statements about the Internet of things (after the break).

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