CyanogenMod 10.1 stock camera app now sports HDR shooting

CyanogenMod 10.1-toting photography fans are in for a treat: the latest version of the modified Android OS now packs an HDR mode, which was in development for three months, within its stock camera app. When a user snaps a photo with the function, a total of three pictures (one at minimal, neutral and maximum exposures) are taken and combined into a single HDR image with the help of an algorithm. Differences in shutter speed, sensors and optics means quality will vary across smartphones, but the CyanogenMod team says that mid- to high-end devices outfitted with decent imaging hardware — especially those with zero shutter lag — should perform admirably. Of course, the group also recommends using a stand or tripod to thwart movement and vibration from fouling up photos. Android Central points out that a few handset builds haven’t received the update, so a handful of CyanogenMod-wielding photogs will still have to get their HDR fix elsewhere.

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Via:Android Central

Source:CyanogenMod (Google+)

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