Dell intros the Inspiron 7000 series, a line of midrange, thinandlight laptops starting at $699

Head over to Dell’s shopping site and you’ll find the laptop section is a bit confusing. In addition to the premium XPS line and the gaming-centric Alienware brand, there’s a vast selection of Inspirons. Some are just called “Inspiron.” Some are “Inspiron R.” Heck, there even used to be an Inspiron Z (RIP). Fortunately, Dell’s trying to clear things up. The company is moving to a “good, better, best” setup, with three lines called the Inspiron 3000, 5000 and 7000 (Dell’s enterprise notebooks already have a similar naming scheme). Though the company isn’t unveilingall of its new consumer laptops today, it is taking the wraps off the 7000s, along with one of the 3000-series models.

Given that these start at $699 and are way less expensive than Dell’s top-of-the-line XPS offerings, it’s best if you think of these as mid-range machines; specifically, the best mid-range machines Dell has to offer. Available in 14-, 15- and 17-inch screen sizes, they feature a nicer design than you might expect, with all-aluminum surfaces, backlit keyboards and Gorilla Glass touchscreens (1,366 x 768 is the native resolution, but 1080p is also an option). On the inside, they run Haswell processors, with optional discrete graphics on the 15- and 17-inch models. Battery life, meanwhile, is said to range from eight to 12 hours depending on the configuration and screen size. All three will be available September 26th, with the 15-inch model priced from $699, while the 14 and 17 start at $849.%Gallery-slideshow73367%

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