Dish Explorer for iPad steers Hopper DVRs, goes beyond the TV guide

Dish was quick to take advantage of its Sling Media integration with remote live TV, but it hasn’t put as much of an emphasis on what happens when we’re still sitting comfortably in our living rooms. It’s filling that hole with the launch of its Explorer app for the iPad. Viewers with a Hopper DVR can control their set-top box directly from the tablet, as you’d expect, but they’ll also get a companion to whatever they’re watching, whether it’s live or recorded. Explorer catches the buzz around a show on Facebook and Twitter, including rankings if you’d like to see what shows are the hottest; it also builds in Thuuz sports stats and ratings to identify what’s likely to be the big game for the day, even as it’s happening. The app doesn’t officially reach the App Store until Monday, and there’s no word of an Android port, but we’ll be sure to share our first-hand experiences as soon as possible.

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