Dish ships Hopper with Sling DVR to livestreamers across the US

Dish didn’t quite make the January release target for the Hopper with Sling, but we’ll take a slight delay for such a tangible upgrade. As of today, subscribers across the US can pick up the remote streaming DVR if they’re willing to pay the $10 monthly whole-home DVR fee; new subscribers who pick at least the $50 Top 120 channel bundle won’t have to pay anything up front for the 2TB set-top box. Of course, the real savings theoretically come from skipping the need for a discrete Slingbox — instead, viewers only need the Dish Anywhere app to stream live and recorded shows, and they can travel with offline copies of their recordings through Hopper Transfers. If you’re the sort to see TV as a pay once and watch anywhere service, the Sling-equipped Hopper might justify the longer wait.

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