DIY theremin goggles marries the art of noise with steampunk style

Sometimes annoying just isn’t annoying enough. For DIY enthusiast and self-described “maker of awesome” Sarah Petkus, the incentive to irk was merely a happy by-product of her latest goggle design. The steampunk-ish effort, chronicled on Petkus’ blog Robotic Arts, combines some artfully arranged scrap metals with an integrated optical theremin that lets the wearer manipulate an incredibly unpleasant tone just by waving their hands and adjusting the amount of light fed into the sensors. Since the volume control and speaker are housed inside the eyepieces, the goggles are little more than a head-mounted accessory. But that shouldn’t stop cosplay types (or sociopaths) from strapping on a set and tweaking the nerves of unfortunate passers-by. That’s if Petkus gets around to selling the “eyewear.” For the public’s sake, we hope this inventive mod remains a one-off. Head past the break for a video demo of this cringe-inducing, gesture-controlled cacaphony.

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Source:Robotic Arts

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