E3 College Game Competition to let student finalists shine on show floor

If you’re a talented college student hoping to create the next Halo or Call of Duty, you could have a chance to show your chops at this year’s E3. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the group behind the annual video game conference, has just announced the E3 College Game Competition, where you and your school could be one of five finalists to have a spotlight on the show floor. Around 400 higher education institutions — primarily those that offer video game courses —can each submit one game to represent their school in the competition. Applicants can begin submitting the story and assets of a playable game starting March 15th, with a final deadline of April 19th. The finalists will be contacted on May 10th and the winner will be announced at the show itself. It’s a rare opportunity to rub shoulders with video game VIPs, so we suggest aspiring creators convince their universities to get on board and contact the ESA for all the challenge’s rules and requirements.

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Source:E3, Entertainment Software Association

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