Engadget's smartphone buyer's guide: winter 2013 edition

Old Man Winter’s reaching deep into his bag of tricks this season, but we’ve found the perfect escape from his world of rosy cheeks and frosty trees: just step into your local electronics store. Here, you can bask in the glow of the latest smartphones, each clamoring to join you for a new year of fun and adventures. Naturally, making sense of the dizzying array isn’t an easy task, but our smartphone buyer’s guide is here to help you find a handset that’s sure to thrill.

As you’ve probably noticed, a number of today’s best smartphones are now available on multiple carriers. Likewise, we’re introducing a new section that highlights devices that are available from three or more providers. The carrier section is also receiving a slight tweak, as you’ll now find our top picks of carrier exclusives. Naturally, more smartphones than ever also means you’ll find more choices than ever, but regardless of your budget or needs, you’re sure to find a number of thrilling selections. So grab a cup of cocoa and join us after the break, where we round up the most exciting options of the new year.

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