Fleet of Tesla Model S owners set out to refute NYT report, coin slang for human error

Between data logs, rebuttals and general drama, it’s easy to get confused: can a Tesla Model S make the trek from Washington DC to Connecticut? A small group of Tesla fans decided to see for themselves.Meeting in DC over the weekend, seven drivers from the Tesla Motors Club forums banded together to recreate the reporter’s infamous trip to Tesla’s Milford Connecticut Supercharger, minus the Manhattan detour. The long and short? The team made the trip successfully, albeit with some minor hiccups. Most of the drivers had no trouble topping off their Tesla’s at max range, ensuring they had enough charge to complete each leg of the trip — but one car stubbornly refused to top off at a Delaware Supercharger.

After about an hour of troubleshooting, Tesla pushed a firmware update to the vehicle, found and diagnosed another bug and got the car back on the road. The lesson? Acarefully planned electric road trip can lead to success, but technical errorsdo happen. Even so, the team had no qualms teasing the NYT reporter for his troubles, referring to “Brodering” as the act of running out of power due to human error. All in all, it seems good times were had — what else could you ask of a weekend excursion? Check out the team’s Twitter feed at the adjacent source link for additional driver updates, or check out straßenversion for a passenger account of the trip’s first leg.

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Source:straßenversion, Tesla Road Trip (Twitter)

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