Fujifilm X20 and X100s details reportedly leak, put focus at center stage

Fujifilm may have more than a few treats in store for shutterbugs this year. Details and photos have emerged that supposedly reveal the X20 and X100s, direct sequels to the company’s well-known X10 and X100 cameras. Both semi-pro bodies could resemble their ancestors on the outside, based on Digicam-info‘s images, but reportedly tackle the autofocusing performance issues that have dogged the X-series up to the X-Pro1. Photo Rumors hears the two shooters will switch to a newer, faster hybrid (both contrast and phase detection) focusing system that also includes Sony NEX-style manual focus peaking, which provides a rough visual guide as to when a subject is as sharp as possible. A few model-specific upgrades may also be in store: the X20 might get a new X-Trans sensor, while the X100s could add a much sharper 2.4-megapixel OLED viewfinder (up from 1.4 megapixels) and a Digital Split Image feature that could once more help with focusing. Launch plans aren’t part of the leak, although we may not have to wait long to hear about them. There’s a prominent X-series banner at the CES 2013 venue, which hints that we may learn about the X20 and X100s as early as next week.

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Source:Digicam Info (translated), Photo Rumors

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