We’ve done a fair few Home Automation reviews over the years, among others for WinPlus. That was a relatively simple affair. If you really want to automate everything in your home, have a look at "MyServant" from FutureTouch.


Just make sure you don’t become "HisSlave" in the process…


Here is their press release.



Future Touch announces MS100-15B “MyServant” Home Automation Controller

The MS100-15B “MyServant” Home Automation Controller is the latest breakthrough by Future Touch.  The system is a self-contained unit that mounts into the wall, and provides a 15” full-colour touch screen and wireless speakers, with a variety of smart-home features to transform any house into something out of the Jetsons.  It can interface to a range of automation protocols including, X10, UPB, Insteon, Z-Wave, with more to come, such as CBus.

Lighting Intelligence
MyServant introduces intelligence into a home’s lighting, providing not only entry-level features such as auto-dim at night or scheduled lighting, but also provides false trigger detection of motion sensors, dims a motion-triggered light before extinguishing (in case a room is unawaringly still occupied), auto extinguishes lights left on for extended periods, and much more.  When the family is off for a vacation, MyServant’s “away mode” creates simulated living with true randomness.

The touch screen provides an interactive floor-plan to view everything at a glance, and control it all at the touch of a finger.  Best of all, the system allows for lighting settings to be easily adjusted with a few quick taps – no need to call an installer over.

MyServant also tracks the power consumption of automated lights & appliances, allowing users to view graphs of usage of a light, or a room – across periods from the last few minutes to the last year.  Lights can be configured to only ever illuminate at preset brightness levels, to reduce glare and costs as desired.

Virtual Housekeeper

MyServant is equipped with a virtual character that interacts with the household, using a natural male or female voice.  Each occupant can configure their own alarm clock, and be greeted in the morning with gentle forest sounds/ocean waves, whilst the system announces the date, time, weather forecast and upcoming appointments.  Alarm clocks auto terminate as occupants get up, or are away that night.

The system also provides helpful timers and reminders, such as how long an occupant has to get ready for work, when it’s time to feed the pets.  Reminder announcements are provided house-wide with the wireless speakers, and reminders can be auto-terminated with completion-sensors (such as such as a tilt sensor on the street-bin). 

Wireless Music
MyServant allows your music collection to be digitally stored and played anywhere, as desired.  MP3 and WMA files are uploaded to a shared directory on the system via a wifi network connection, whereby music can then be controlled on the touch screen and directed to one or more of the wireless speakers.  Easily host an outdoor party, or play some relaxing tunes in the bedroom.  Music folders can even be assigned to trigger-buttons around the home, allowing you to easily kick off some dinner music from the dining room at the touch of a button.

On-Screen Calendar

No need to replace that paper calendar on the wall anymore, as MyServant provides a digital calendar that’s easily accessible in the house.  Birthdays, anniversaries and appointments are easily added with a couple of taps, with the ability to provide 2 separate verbal reminders per appointment.  An occupant can hear upcoming events as part of their alarm clock, or as they enter a room in the morning (such as the ensuite or kitchen).  The touch screen also allows an occupant to view all upcoming events for the next 3 months, as well as easily view a visual notification of events on the current day.

Occupant Interaction
MyServant allows each occupant of the home to personally interact with the system, with PIN security if desired.  Each occupant can access the web on-screen using their own personal bookmarks, view their own calendar events, configure their own alarm clock settings, or even leave a note for another occupant by either using the on-screen keyboard or by scribbling a message with their finger. What’s more, timers, reminders and alarm clock announcements can be set to specify a person’s name, for clarification.

Other Features
The features of MyServant keep on coming – including an on-screen address book;  backup data storage; security surveillance for existing wifi cameras; quick execution of macros, scenes and lighting groups; display of the week’s weather forecast; reminders when to change batteries in smoke sensors and remotes; and much more.  The system provides a variety of different visual skins, and also interfaces to various HVAC and security systems, and can be configured with customised automation procedures as simple or as complex as required.

The MS100-15B comes provided as a self-contained unit, screwing into the wall and needing only a mains power provision.  With its host of exclusive functionality, low price tag (in comparison to competing controllers), and the ability to tweak settings yourself, the MyServant Home Automation Controller aims to make the concept of a Smart Home available to the average consumer.

Model:  MS100-15B
Touch Screen: 15”
Wireless Speakers: 2x 900MHz
Automation Protocols: X10, UPB, Insteon, Z-Wave
Wifi Connection: 802.11b/g
Software Revision: 5.0
Price:  AU$3,900

For further information on MyServant, click here.