GlobalTop SpeedAdvisorHere’s a scoop on what will be unveiled at Computex in a couple of months by GlobalTop:
the 66 channel SpeedAdvisor GPS will be able to warn you of speed cameras directly in your path.
It’s pre-loaded with the most up-to-date speed camera locations which can be updated every day.
Depending on distance to the speed camera you will hear different beeps.
This might save you quite some money if you habitually try to treat the speed limit as a minimum
Read on for some preliminary specs…



Build-in MTK 66 channel GPS chip

Volume Control

Mini USB for database updates

Indicator Light and Warning Beep

One year updates of all of Europe’s speed camera locations


No pricing is available yet and it appears that it’s only for the European market.

Combine this with the GTop HUD (Head-Up Display) and you’ve got an almost foolproof way of avoiding speed fines!

We will most certainly have the SpeedAdvisor reviewed by our European editor as soon as it becomes available!

Stay tuned.