Sure, Google already has Chromecast for throwing websites and media to big screens. The company’s engineers believe they can go one better, however, with something called the Open Project framework. It’s an effort to find a standardized way of mirroring not only content, but also touch inputs on a suitably equipped touchscreen or connected TV. Setting it up is simple: open the Open Project server webpage running on the machine connected to your chosen display, scan a QR code with your smartphone camera, and boom, you’re ready to interact with your content and apps. It opens a world where people can collaborate on content or play multiplayer games without additional hardware or sensors. Open Project remains a proof-of-concept for now, or perhaps a plaything for UI-obsessed billionaires, but check out the video to see where the technology might take us in the future.

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Via:Android Community

Source:Google Research Blog, Open Project Whitepaper (PDF)

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