Goophone i5S KIRFs the iPhone 5S early, gives the iPhone 4S a run for its money (video)

Ah, Goophone. The company that made its name keepin’ it real fake with eerily similar clones of other companies’ devices, sometimes before the originals have even launched. It’s clearly not dropping that tradition anytime soon, as it just previewed the i5S, an attempt to preempt the supposed iPhone 5S before even the rumor mill has produced anything tangible. As you’d almost expect, it’s really a not-very-subtle imitation of the current iPhone 5 body and software that does its best to mask the use of Android (this time Jelly Bean) rather than iOS. Don’t think that Goophone has learned any more about shadowing Apple on the technology front, however. The i5S is running hardware that would sometimes be trounced by a 2011-era iPhone 4S, including a dual-core 1GHz MediaTek processor, 512MB of RAM, an 854 x 480 screen and a 5-megapixel rear camera. The firm is mostly banking on absurdly low pricing to make up for the sleight-of-hand — at its $150 launch price, the i5S costs a fraction of the real iPhone 5’s price while undercutting the older yet somehow more sophisticated Goophone i5. Catch a video demo of the uncanny facsimile after the break.

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