GoPro announces HD Hero 3

If you were thinking it’s about that time of year that we might see a new GoPro, then you’d be right. The king of the action cams has just announced the GoPro HD Hero3+. The flagship Black edition is now 20 percent smaller — no mean feat if you’ve seen the existing model. There are also improvements to the optics, which GoPro claims gives a 33 percent increase in image sharpness, while reducing artifacts by a factor of two. Feature-wise there’s a new 1080 “SuperView” mode which takes footage from 4:3 aspect ratio, and presents it in an immersive 16:9 view. Other improvements include a new auto-low light mode that will adjust the frame rate on the fly, revised audio internals, four times faster WiFi and wireless camera updates via your phone. Despite all of these additions, and the smaller form, it’s claimed that your new GoPro will potentially offer up to 30 percent extra battery life, too. The Silver edition gets some love, also, with 1080p now possible at 60fps, and 720 at 120 fps. So, all that’s left is for you to get 30 percent better at your daredevil activity of choice for 30 percent longer, and we’re all even. The HD Hero3+ will be available starting this week, with prices starting at $299 for the Silver addition, and $399 for the black. The previous flagships now retail for $329 and $249 respectively.

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