HGST launches the $99 Travelstar 1TB 25inch HDD, crams it inside its Touro, GDrive and GRaid units

Henry Ford may have felt that your Model T could come in any color “as long as it is black,” but HGST feels differently about consumer choice. It’s announcing its latest hard drive, the 1TB, 2.5-inch Travelstar HDD, which goes toe-to-toe with other 7,200 RPM drives like the Constellation.2 and Scorpio Blue. If you want to sling one of the new units inside your current machine, the vanilla model, available later in Q1, will set you back $99.99, but HGST is also offering a swathe of external drives to suit your needs. If you’d call yourself a consumer, then you can snag the Touro Mobile Pro, which offers a bonus 3GB of cloud storage space for (£99.99) while professionals can pick up the 1TB G-DRIVE Mini for £149.99 or the 2TB G-RAID Mini, which can be yours in exchange for £339.99 of your earth currency. Wanna know more? Drive your jalopy down after the break.

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