imate talks up the Intelegent, a 47inch slab of vaporware

Don’t worry if Dubai-based smartphone maker i-mate had slipped your mind. The business unceremoniously collapsed back in 2009 after allegedly suffering a “major fraud” that led it to fire all of its employees. Fortunately, CEO Jim Morrison is back with a new mobile device that, he claims, runs full-fat Windows 8 in the same way that Ubuntu for Android will behave. The i-mate Intelegent is a 4.7-inch handset running the desktop OS on a Clover Trail CPU with 2GB RAM and 64GB storage. The secret, however, is that the $750 handset will slot into a Webtop-esquedesktop dock to become your work machine when you get into the office. Morrison has said that there’s a factory in California ready to produce 10,000 units a week, and told the Seattle Timesthat he’d be showing off the device here at MWC. We can’t find it on the exhibitor list, but we’re about to go hunting…

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Via:WPCentral, Ubergizmo

Source:The Seattle Times

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