Innovate SSI-4Well it was interesting enough to put the Innovate LM-2 through it’s paces but  we will soon have another versatile product courtesy of the same company to trial.

We understand at the present time that this product can be a stand alone input device for logging data directly into a laptop or tower PC as well as  being able to be used with any other MTS compliant device.

Why we are excited is that this device has Channel 1 as a direct input for RPM by default and if you have read our review on the LM-2  AFR meter (on this site), then you would know that accurate RPM on a stubborn car with no OBD was the only concern with an otherwise “spot on product”.

Well we now have it so over the next few days or so we wii test it and produce the review, we are just waiting on one more answer from Innovate regarding the inductive clamp . It’s done see reviewed!