InterDigital files ITC complaint against Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE, requests sales ban

InterDigital is at it again. The company may have lightened its patent load last summer with a little help from Intel, but it apparently still has plenty of ammunition left to fire at four new targets: Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and ZTE for selling “certain 3G and 4G wireless devices… that infringe up to seven of InterDigital’s U.S. patents.” At risk is a suite of 3G and 4G products from USB modems to laptops and covering phones and tablets in between. The specific models aren’t listed in InterDigital’s release, but the company is asking the United States International Trade Commission to block the import and sale of them all. This isn’t the first time Samsung, Nokia or Huawei have come to blows with InterDigital — the former settled back in 2008, the latter filed its own lawsuit and Nokia has more than a few battle scars already — and something tells us it won’t be the last. One company that should stay out of the crosshairs? RIM. The House of BlackBerry just extended its patent licensing deal and can now rest easy.

Update: You can also add Sony to the list of companies who have paid up.

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Source:InterDigital, BusinessWire

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