Lenovo intros four new allinones, including a superwide 29inch model

Lenovo is known for all-in-one PCs that stand out, and that’s certainly true of a new four-model update to the company’s IdeaCentre line. The headlining B750 is reportedly the first PC to include a 29-inch, 21:9 aspect ratio display; its 2,560 x 1,080 panel is potentially ideal for both movie aficionados and multitaskers. Lenovo appropriately equips the B750 with a 2.1-channel JBL audio system, and gamers may like the combination of Haswell-based processors with standard GeForce GTX 760A graphics. The system ships in October with a $1,199 base price.

Don’t need an extra-wide screen? Don’t worry — Lenovo’s other three introductions may catch your eye. The A530, B350 and B550 improve on their predecessors with both Haswell chips and options for 1TB hybrid hard drives that combine speed with capacity. These smaller IdeaCentres should arrive alongside the B750 in October, with prices ranging from $799 for the 21.5-inch B350 to $1,199 for the 23-inch B550. %Gallery-slideshow99551%

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