Live from the Connecting the next billions keynote

Mozilla’s Gary Kovacs has been harping on this idea of connecting the next billion or so people to the internet all week — it’s the one of the driving philosophies behind Firefox OS. Nokia is looking to bring down the cost of entry to the mobile web with the 105 and 301. Then there’s operations like Qtel and Bharti Airtel, that provide cellular service across the developing world and in emerging markets. These companies are all looking to put the democratizing power of the web in the pockets of people across the globe and they’re all here at Mobile World Congress 2013 to discuss just how they plan to do that and why it’s so important. To find out what these CEOs, including Stephen Elop, Dr. Nasser Marafih (Qtel) and Sunil Mittal (Bharti Airtel) have to say, check back in at the time below.

February 26, 2013 3:00 AM EST

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