MyPhoneMy Phone, the online backup and security service from Microsoft for the Windows Phones was updated to version 1.06 this week.

As usual no log file, so it’s not clear what is different.. I believe it to be a little faster on the synching, but can not be sure. Anyway, the program will automatically prompt the users next time they use it, so it’s difficult to miss it.

For those not aware of this service from Microsoft, a little intro: My Phone backs up all the main data of your Windows Phone, namely the PIM data (contacts, calendar and tasks), SMS, PIE browser favorites, photos, videos, music, and docs. Including data from the Storage Card. The user can also post photos on several social networks, automatically.


The problem: only 200MB of online storage, clearly not enough for the purpose of backing up music, photos and videos! On the plus side, it’s free. Well, not completely: the services mentioned above are free, but there are another set of paid "Premium" services, like remotely finding your phone, making it ring, lock it, or erase all data. 4,89€ per 7 days, including 3 rings, 1 lock and one erase. It’s not a subscription, but a 7 day license.


It’s possible to connect several phones. All data is accessible through any PC with internet connectivity, and all data can be edited. Any phone that is logged on the service will be synched with the same backup up.

More info, register and download at My Phone site.