NINTENDO_LOGO.jpg News comes from North Bend, WA today as reports are flooding in of a distribution facility overrun by miniature wind-up Mario toys this morning. More after the break.



Reports came in this morning that Nintendo’s chief distribution facility, the chief source of Nintendo’s products in the United States, was overrun by tiny robots this morning after a failed attempt at using the little guys to help speed up their distribution process. After attempts to use Donkey Kong, intricate conveyor belt systems, ladders, and even warp pipes, Nintendo implemented the new automatons to no avail, ultimately leading to their mass occupation of the facility.


Rumors are abound that the takeover is an effort by the wind-up toys to promote Nintendo’s new DS game, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini Land Mayhem, though no one can confirm this for sure.


So far, no one has been harmed, though the distribution center remains heavily populated with tiny Mario robots.


The full story, including exclusive cell phone footage of the incident, can be seen in video form here.