Nikon unveils 1 Nikkor 32mm lens with extrafast f12 aperture

Mirrorless camera fans who’ve gone the Nikon 1 route have had a fair selection of official lenses to choose from, but not the Holy Grail of a truly fast telephoto lens. Nikon may have just produced that ideal glass today in its new 1 Nikkor 32mm lens. It shoots at a reasonable 86mm equivalent distance, but with an extremely bright and quick f/1.2 aperture — theoretically, making it one of the better 1 Nikkor lenses for low-light shooting, action and portraits with soft backgrounds. The 32mm could also be the perfect fit for control junkies, as it’s the first Nikon-made mirrorless lens with a manual focus ring. While this premium photography will carry a suitably elevated $900 price when the 32mm lens ships in June, the cost might be worthwhile for those who want speedy optics in a very small size.

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