NSA shared raw intelligence with Israel with no legal limits regarding its use

It’s no secret that the United States and Israel have a very special relationship, but it might come as an unpleasant surprise that the NSA’s intelligence-sharing agreement has so few strings attached. Today’s edition of What-Has-the-NSA-Done-This-Time is brought to you by The Guardian, which revealed that the US government has handed over information intercepted through the agency’s shady surveillance programs with no legally binding limits on how the data could be utilized. While we can’t be sure of the exact nature of the raw intelligence shared with Israel, it’s likely that the information contained phone calls and emails of American citizens. Considering that only yesterday, we learned that the NSA had violated its own privacy protections between 2006 and 2009, blaming confusion about how the system actually worked, today’s development raises a few important questions about what information is being shared across borders and how exactly it’s being used. For more information, check out The Guardian‘s report, linked below.

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Source:The Guardian

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