NVIDIA Embargo

Despite all the energy it’s been putting into mobile and gaming, NVIDIA hasn’t fallen out of love with its professional graphics customers. In fact, it’s in the process of trying to rekindle those sparks of romance through the clever use of chocolates, shoulder rubs and fresh additions to its Kepler-based Quadro lineup. We’ve already seen (and played with) the $2,249 K5000 flagship, but those of us on lower budgets will now be able to snag the K4000, K2000 or K600 as they begin to enter the retail channel.

Working from the top down, the $1,269 Quadro K4000 has 768 CUDA Cores, 3GB of RAM and a memory bandwidth of 134GB/s, which means it’ll crank out your architectural documents and video reels at a healthy 1.246 TFLOPs. The $599 K2000 has half the CUDA cores and memory bandwidth, with 2GB of RAM, and reaches a top speed of 733 GFLOPs. Lastly, the $199 K600 has 192 CUDA Cores, 1GB RAM, a memory bandwidth of 29GB/s and a top speed of 336 GFLOPs. If you’d like more details, you know where the PR’s at.

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