Orbitsound announces M9 and M12 soundbars with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless subwoofer

UK-based audio outfit Orbitsound has just announced a new bluetooth-enabled range of soundbars. You may remember the British firm for its T14, T12 — or more recently — T9 offerings, but the latest line-up cuts the cable, opening up a host of new audio sources. So, it’s out with the old 30-pin dock, but there’s still optical, AUX, video out, RCA and 3.5mm jack connections if you prefer to keep things physically connected. It’s not just the sound source that’s on the loose either, as the companion active subwoofer uses a bespoke low-latency 2.4GHz connection (claimed to be 0.01 seconds delay) too — no more hiding wires around the back. Other new features include a new digital amplifier, a Bluetooth remote, and a settings memory to remember your source, volume and EQ levels for next time. Not enough? How about a “grab” feature that instantly starts playing the last media from a paired phone or tabled? The firm’s proprietary spatial sound? That, of course, remains present. There are two models to choose from, the M9 for smaller TVs, and the M12 for the bigger set in your front room. Expect to pay £299 (about $450) and £399 (about $600) respectively when they launch in March. UK retailer John Lewis will be getting them first, but online orders and “select” independent retailers should follow.

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