Pebble smartwatch handson video

It’s hard to believe that nine months have elapsed since we first wrote about Pebble. The smartwatch quickly became one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns — raising $10 million in a few short weeks — only to miss its original shipping date. We knew things were looking up when the device recently cleared the FCC and today at CES 2013, Allerta confirmed that Pebble will be shipping to its backers on January 23rd.

We spent some time with the smartwatch here in Las Vegas and came away extremely impressed with the level of polish the company’s achieved. Pebble’s most visually striking feature is its colorful multi-layer polycarbonate face / bezel, which looks fantastic. The device is incredibly light (just 38.2g / 1.35oz) but still manages to feel solid. Build-quality is top-notch — Allerta’s clearly put a lot of care into the hardware. The sides and back are black and completely sealed (Pebble is water-resistant to five atmospheres). On the right side you’ll find the up, select and down buttons, while the left side is home to the back button and a magnetic power connector, à la MagSafe. Speaking of which, battery life is rated for a lofty seven days per charge.

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