WiiMote Controlled CarsBored with your traditional remote cars? Or have you bricked your Wii and are now left with a spare controller or two? Then it might be time for you to do a computer science degree in Germany – and make one of these WiiMote controlled cars.

Completely wireless, these minature VW Golfs are completely controlled by a wii remote control by using the buttons and motion sensor tilt abilities.  With its amazing precision, sensitivity and the design’s level of detail, you could create your own Italian Job style scene!


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While perhaps not as useful (but still damned impressive to see) is the ability to create a tracking car (AMI platform – see below) that can follow in the lead car’s (X86 Based Platform) footsteps perfectly. Instead of acting in synchrony, the tracking car will trace the lead cars steps by using what we imagined to be an RF signal and follow the lead car by the most direct path.




WiiMote Controlled Cars

X86 Based Platform

  • 1 GHz CPU Core
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 32 built in PWM channels
  • 8 x 24-bit GPIO
  • 10/100M LAN
  • Power input 6-24VDC

ARM Platform

  • 806 MHz CPU Core
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 1 GB NAND Flash
  • built-in PWM
  • 127 GPIOs
  • 100 MBit LAN
  • Power input 3.3 VDC