RCA Mobile TV Tablet combines DTV with Dyle, arrives this spring for $299

The RCA DMT580D may not be memorably named, but the television-centric tablet stands out for other reasons: most notably, its combination of DTV and Dyle-powered mobile TV. RCA’s toting its “Mobile TV Tablet” as, “the electronics industry’s first dual-tuner mobile TV” — making your on-the-go viewings of The View all the easier. Oh, and the other 130 mobile TV stations Dyle also offers certainly don’t hurt; you’ll be able to scoop up regular ol’ digital TV signals using the tablet’s telescoping antenna. It’s essentially an upgrade to RCA’s previous efforts in the TV-centric tablet market.

If the TV angle isn’t enough for you, RCA promises a fully featured Android tablet otherwise: an 8-inch HD IPS screen, 802.11b/g/n WiFi capability, a Cortex A5 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of flash storage memory (expandable via MicroSD). Should you wish to capture the facial reactions you’ll assuredly make during those daily View broadcasts, front-facing and rear cameras are also part of the equation, and the whole shebang weighs in at roughly 1.4 lbs. Around four hours of battery life are expected if you’re going whole hog on the TV bit, which balloons to 10 if you’re just surfing the web / playing Angry Birds / etc. At $299, you’d better be really into those television features — the RCA Mobile TV Tablet arrives at retail “this coming spring.”

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