Refurbished 3DS XL handhelds available from Nintendo starting at $169

If you’ve been waiting for a price drop before upgrading to a 3DS XL, Nintendo has the next best thing for you: a refurbished trio of its up-sized 3D handhelds. They typically run $200 new, but you can get a redone unit for $170, or $180 with a 16GB SD memory card, in red, black or blue direct from the manufacturer. If you don’t mind dropping the XL, a reworked aqua blue or midnight purple 3DS has lowered from April’s price of $130 to $120, or $50 off compared to new. In all cases, Nintendo refurbs come with a one-year warranty and — aside from the possibility of some “minor cosmetic blemishes” — the Japanese manufacturer assures us that its quality standards are “VERY high”. (Their caps, not ours.)

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Via:Joystiq, Nintendo Life

Source:Nintendo Store

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