Ricoh CX2 Digital Camera

Ricoh GXR Digital Camera

With Ricoh taking out the “Compact Camera” of the year using the CX2 digital camera at the Camera Magazine Imaging Awards, we were understandably excited to be getting one for a review.  But what really fired us up was to be told that we will also be getting the newly released “State of the Art” revolutionary Ricoh GXR camera.  With both of these top quality digital cameras in our hands at the same time, we’ve pretty much got the whole field of photography covered.  From compact “point and shoot”, to the latest in innovative technology for the semi professional and professional there is not much more you could want..

We will compare them against each other in a single article with two co-related reviews published at the same time and give reasons in the conclusions, to justify where we believe the award winning Ricoh CX2 application finishes and the high end Ricoh GXR starts.



Already bestowed with the accolade of having the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera system, the Ricoh GXR camera is set to take out future awards and we will be there.  Using clarity, depth of colour and accompanying photographs and comments on ease of use and “fit for purpose”, the first review will cover each facet of photography.  Our aim will be to provide sufficient information on menus, zoom lens, camera lens and the photographic application on each camera to empower you to make your own well informed decisions.

We are expecting to check out the accompanying available lenses, firstly the  GR prime lens coupled with a 12 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor and GR Engine III, ideal for portrait and macro photography; and secondly the a 3x wide-angle zoom RICOH lens matched with a high performance 10 megapixel CCD sensor and Smooth Imaging Engine IV, which should be perfect for a diverse range of scenes including wide landscapes and snap shooting.


It is our intention to provide the facts in an informative way to facilitate readers to make the final decision as to which digital camera will suit them. 

 We will then provide ongoing updated future reviews on the Ricoh GXR camera as new modular accessory options such as the rumoured telephoto lens become available from


     Reviewed 23 rd March 2010