Samsung Galaxy Note 8 arrives at one UK store: £339 for the WiFi-only, 16GB model

Have you been feeling a bit like a UK-based Goldilocks? The Galaxy Note II’s too small, the Note 10.1 a trifle too big, but the Note 8 looks just right? Well, today’s your lucky day, as the mid-sized tablet has officially launched in the Queen’s dominion. The WiFi-only, 16GB model will set you back £339 (approximately $516), and at the moment, you’ll only find it at the Samsung Experience Store in Westfield Stratford City. It’ll be available elsewhere shortly, and it’s probably worth waiting — from April 15th for a limited time, buyers will get a few extras: a £20 voucher for the Samsung Learning Hub, a two-month subscription to The Times, free access to the Samsung Music Hub for a month, and a couple of games and AVG Anti-Virus Pro gratis. If tethering ain’t your bag but you need data on the go, a gent from the Westfield store told us the 3G version is on its way, but couldn’t give us a firm arrival date. It’s our duty to warn you Westfield is a crowded nightmare at the best of times, and the arrival of a new Samsung tablet ain’t gonna help that.

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