Samsung intros 'Shape' wireless audio system, starts at $400 for one speaker

It’s not like Samsung’s new to the home audio space — it already sells speaker bars and the like — but somehow, it’s only just getting into wireless speaker systems. The company today announced its very own Sonos competitor, the Samsung Shape system. Named mostly after their triangular hardware, which can lie horizontally, stand vertically or be mounted to a wall, these speakers come armed with WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC, allowing you to stream music over your home network (or not). Even more than that sexy design, though, Samsung is emphasizing the easy setup process, which involves plugging either the speaker or hub into your router, and then downloading a free app to your Android or iOS device; the network setup just takes care of itself.

As for the app, Samsung’s created a drag-and-drop interface wherein you can drag a song to a specific room of the house. In addition to playing locally stored music, you can also stream from Pandora, Rhapsody, Amazon Cloud Player, TuneIn Radio and any nearby devices that happen to be connected using Samsung AllShare. Using the app, you can also control the volume with either an on-screen slider or your phone’s volume rocker — and the volume doesn’t have to be the same in each room, either. You can also mute speakers remotely, adjust the EQ or have different rooms play different music. Audio-wise, you’re looking at five drivers per speaker, including two mid-range speakers, two tweeters and a woofer.%Gallery-slideshow99854%%Gallery-slideshow99855%

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