ShuRooHave you ever been a passenger in a vehicle travelling in the Australian countryside when all of a sudden the driver hits the skids and says “Oh Sh*!”.

Well, he probably meant “Oh ShuRoo!” and wished he had one as when these big kangaroos jump out and you hit them, it’s “goodnight” to your pristine car and a big repair job is needed.

We have just been told that demand has totallyy outstripped supply for the latest Slimline ShuRoo  but have been assured that we will get one  just in time for Xmas.

The product will then be installed on a vehicle that has had some encounters with native Aussies of the jumping kind on a particular highly travelled route and came off second best…

Let’s see if the ShuRoo does indeed Shoo ’em away and keep us one jump ahead of the damage to both of us. 


[Our Automotive Editor, Joe Baker, faces a tough assignment: which of his half-dozen collector cars will get the ShuRoo treatment… – Ed]