Siemens Aquaris hearing aid means rain doesn't need to stop play, we go ears on

It’s no fun being deaf or hearing impaired. Especially if you are fond of the great outdoors and all the weather-related perils that come with it. Siemens knows this and developed the Aquaris hearing aid, the only one to receive an IP68 rating for continuous submersion under water (to three meters). It’s also dust- and shock-proof, if you’re further up the extreme activity lifestyle ladder. It’s not just about keeping the elements out, it’s also got Bluetooth meaning wearers can listen to music on smartphones and other devices while under water.

The device itself is what you might imagine a hearing aid to look like, if it was given the sports treatment, which makes it attractive to younger folk, and those of an active disposition. Most importantly, it works impressively well, which was amply shown by the demonstration we were given with the device permanently submerged in water at the booth, streaming its audio to another device. The waterproof functionality doesn’t come at the expense of the sound, either, with the Aquaris sporting High-definition sound with 48 channels with frequency resolution and a 12 kHz frequency range. Given the nature of the device, you’ll need to speak with your physician or ENT / otolaryngologist if this sounds like something for you. Available now.

Sean Cooper contributed to this post.

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