Simple wallet hack uses magnetic alarms to stave off pickpockets

We just wrapped up our tour of duty at MWC dodging the notorious pickpockets in Barcelona, so perhaps that’s why we’re particularly intrigued by Cabel Kraft’s anti-snatch wallet hack over at Hackaday. Most billfold alarms rely on a light trigger, which can be problematic if the thief squirrels away his prize for a later reveal. Kraft solves that issue by using magnetic alarms — the sort attached to windows for break-in alerts — that set off when the wallet is removed from the victim’s pocket. He did have to remove a lot of the alarm’s bulk and alter the location of the reed switch, but the setup seems otherwise uncomplicated. If you’d like to prevent your wallet from getting picked and have some soldering chops to boot, have a peek at Kraft’s handiwork at the source or just view the video after the break.

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