Sky cuts a deal with Disney for exclusive access, launches Sky Movies Disney

In Sky’s latest bid (after getting Sony and Warner on the hook) to corner premium viewing content in the UK before rivals including Lovefilm and Netflix get traction, it has announced an extension to its 24-year agreement with Disney. Beyond guaranteeing Disney — which means Lucasfilm, of course — Pixar and Marvel flicks will be on Sky (plus Sky Go, and 3D movies on Sky 3D) a year before any other service, it’s also creating a new Sky Movies Disney Channel in its lineup that launches March 28th. In order to reach those not with the typical TV package, the deal also brings Disney’s movies to Sky’s Now TV internet video service for users with a monthly movie pass. We’re sure 24 years ago, such deals didn’t cover so many devices or avenues of access but snagging exclusives to gain a market advantage has stayed exactly the same.

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