Solidoodle 4 keeps 3D printing under $1,000 (video)

Sam Cervantes didn’t stand on his new printer when he brought it by our offices the other day. He thought about jt for second, a nice reprise of the day he introduced us to its predecessor late last year, but, well, he’d only just pulled that first unit out of the box for the first time, and he didn’t want to scuff up its finish or dent the new enclosure. As to whether the new 3D printer could sustain the weight of a full grown man, he certainly thinks so. It’s still got that steel structure, after all. Maybe we can convince him to put on a show at CES in January.

Structural integrity questions aside, the latest printer from Solidoodle is a nice looking thing, certainly. As the Brooklyn-based company began looking to expand its sales footprint beyond enthusiast-based direct marketing, it no doubt realized that it would have to produce a product that could live on store shelves comfortably next to, say, a laptop or an HP printer. It sounds silly, sure, but big box stores aren’t particularly interested in stocking products that look as though they might have been built in someone’s garage. For all its charms, the Solidoodle 3 had a certain home-brewed quality to it. The new printer goes firmly in the other direction, with a metal enclosure that wouldn’t look too out of place in a lot of homes.%Gallery-slideshow122778%

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