The Engadget Interview: Qualcomm's Rob Chandhok on the Internet of things at MWC 2013

Few people understand the Internet of things better than Rob Chandhok — president of Internet services at Qualcomm — and we had the chance to sit down with him in Barcelona after our interview with Raj Talluri. We chatted about AllJoyn, a set of open source services which the company just revamped to incorporate a simple notification protocol — an “SMS for things” — small and durable enough to be useful for the life on an appliance, like a fridge or a washer. This provides a universal mechanism for notification and control, such as WiFi on-boarding, for example. He also mentioned AllJoyn audio, a streaming protocol that Qualcomm and DoubleTwist collaborated on. We then discussed various approaches and network topologies for building the Internet of things, such as IPv6-connected products with cloud-based logic vs. devices on local area networks that interact with the Internet via gateways (something that’s prevalent in modern home automation). Check out the full interview video after the break.

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